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Privacy Policy

Standards Technology Group - Privacy Policy


Many of our customers are concerned about the information they generate when they’re online.  You’ll use our privacy policy to understand that we do collect information about you, what information it is, how we use it, and how we protect it.


In order to use Standards Central, you provide us with information about your email address, and so on.  This information is stored by the system to identify authorized access to the system and to a specific collection of standards which have been licensed on your behalf.  Additionally it is used to generate notifications when one of the standards you use is updated.


This data is used for the purposes of this site, and for such contact as is deemed necessary for the functioning of your Standards Central service.  It is not shared with any third parties except as may be required by law.


Aggregated information is generated for reporting purposes.  It can be used for your administrator or for confirmation that the usage of the standards provided is within the bounds of the contract.


Should it appear that any of the standards in your collection have been improperly used, it may become necessary to provide the IP holder with information about such activity.  Standards Technology Group Inc. retains the right to use or release your information to third parties who have a material interest in such conduct.