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Login Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q I lost my password, how can I find out what it is?
Solution: The fastest and easiest method is for you to use the Forgot Your Password? link on the login page at. This will send your password directly to you via email.

Q What are the password requirements?
Solution: Password lengths are required to be anywhere from 8 to 25 characters. Characters that are allowed include: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and '!', '@', '#', '$', '%', '^', '&', '*', ')', '(', ':', ';', '>', '<', '}', '{', ']', '[', '+', '=', '-'.

Q What internet browsers are supported?
Solution: Recent versions of Microsoft Internet, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Q Can I share my account?
Solution: No, subscriptions are restricted to assigned, authorized users. Each user will have a personal username and password, which cannot be shared. Licenses are valid for one year. At the end of the one year period, they will be automatically renewed once payment is received.

Q Sometimes when registering or logging in, I get a blank page or a page update did not happen. How do I fix this?
Solution: If this happens, then you need to clear your web cache. You may clear the cache in the supported browsers as follows at your web browser menu:
- Google Chrome - Click on Customize / Options / Under the Hood / Clear Browsing Data. Then check Empty the Cache option and click on Clear Browsing Data button.
- Microsoft Internet Explorer - Click on Tools / Delete Browsing History. Then check Temporary Internet Files option and click on the Delete button.
- Mozilla Firefox - Click on Tools / Clear Recent History. Then check Cache option and click on the Clear Now button

Q How do I receive email notifications for new/updated standards or for new releases?
Solution: When logged in, you may change your notification settings by clicking on the Settings tab (in left navigator), then the User Preferences module. When on the User Preferences panel, you may select or deselect any of the 'Receive Notification' options.